Herbal MedPlus was developed with the idea of creating a revolutionary system of health-conscious therapies and natural products geared towards achieving a lifelong experience of mental and physical well-being free of most prevalent disease. The ultimate objective of Herbal MedPlus is to not only extend or prolong your life but also to achieve the best quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Herbal MedPlus system founder Dr. Feliciano Serrano is an Internist, Kidney Specialist and Vascular Interventionist who has been in practice over 15 years and has published many articles in some of the most reputable scientific journals in the United States including having lectured at Harvard Women and Birmingham Hospital in front of Nobel Laureates. He believes that preventative medicine is the key to good health success and that the current model of healthcare in this country is somewhat deficient. It often does not cure and sometimes goes as far as to infringe on the sacred principles of “first do no harm”. Beyond this Dr. Serrano is aware of the fact that most medicine is governed by bureaucracy, big business, pharmaceutical companies and not at all by physicians and those who treat disease.

Dr. Serrano is convinced that by following some simple steps you can challenge the current mind frame of healthcare in this country with actual results that will change your life in a very short period of time. Most importantly Dr. Serrano believes that every person out there should constantly be questioning their doctor or healthcare provider as well as the system that governs the medicine that they prescribe. The worst thing you can do is to proceed blindly, be uninformed and allow a therapy or medicine to do more harm to you than good. You are smarter than you think. You should never underestimate yourself because you are ultimately your own best doctor.

With this in mind Herbal MedPlus is geared toward providing knowledge as well as organic, herbal, natural products and probiotics from different regions of the world that have been proven to act in anti-aging capacities, prolonging life and preventing disease to achieve ultimate well-being and the best quality of life. We at Herbal MedPlus cannot and do not proclaim to cure disease with our products, but we have achieved miraculous results with thousands of patients that can attest to Herbal MedPlus as a “Lifesaver” in which users are free of disease! We look forward in helping you achieve the same results as our ultimate philosophy and mission!