What is Herbal Med Plus? 
Herbal Med Plus is a U.S. based company that offers a variety of all-natural remedies. Thousands of years ago our ancestors discovered natural remedies to common ailments. Herbal Med Plus uses the knowledge of these ancient remedies to provide solutions today. Our products are specially formulated to assist with common health ailments.

Can I take pills along with my prescribed medication?
Always consult with your doctor before taking any of our herbal products.

Can I take several herbal kits at the same time?
Since our kits are specially formulated to assist with the stated ailment, we do not recommend combining more than one kit at the same time. You can do so, but you will need to be sure to take the capsules 2-3 hours apart.

Are Herbal Med Plus products regulated by the FDA?
Our products are not currently regulated by the FDA. All of our products are all-natural.

When will my order arrive?
Orders take 5-7 business days to process. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with tracking information once your order has been shipped. 

How long will each kit last me?
Our Herbal kits are meant to last about 30 days.